I feel so fortunate to have an organization like Alberta Lung in our province. The support they provide to families fighting lung disease is truly inspiring. However, I am equally moved by the vital role donors like you play in alleviating suffering and saving lives. Thank you so much for being there for families like mine.

When my daughter April was just six years old, she faced a critical health crisis that no family should experience. When I think back to how Alberta Lung responded, I can’t help but wonder what would have happened were it not for the frontline support we received and the generosity of donors like you who make this support possible. As a family of modest means with no health benefits, the help we received made all the difference in preventing the worst possible outcome.

It’s never easy when your child is sick. You feel so powerless. All you want to do is make things better. April has had Asthma since she was a baby. However, her condition was well-managed and under control thanks to the guidance we received from the Alberta Lung Patient Support Team and the access they provided to critical medication and equipment. April enjoyed running around with the other kids, and she blossomed, becoming more confident and even playing tag at home. We began to relax and thought we had escaped the worst of childhood asthma.

Everything was relatively calm until a wildfire from British Columbia blew into our small community. Wildfires were making the news almost every day, so we didn’t take any chances. We kept April at home and closed all of the windows. But after two days of heavy smoke, April began to wheeze. Her inhaler didn’t work, so we drove to our closest small-town hospital. April was put on a nebulizer with inhaled medication.

It didn’t help.

For two days, we watched her gasp for air.

Finally, on the third day, we saw some improvement. But it took another few more days until April was released. We left the hospital feeling so grateful. April wasn’t alone in fighting the life-threatening impact of wildfires. Many other parents didn’t get to take their children home.

Alberta Lung has been a leader in the fight for healthy lungs and quality air since the 1930s. Whether searching for treatments or cures to prevent or treat lung diseases like asthma or coming to the rescue of children, Alberta Lung is at the front line.

Unfortunately, our air quality continues to deteriorate, and asthma attacks seem to get worse every year. Supporting an organization like Alberta Lung is the best way to protect our children from further harm and ensure help is available when families need emergency assistance.

The most effective way to do this is by making a small donation every month. You decide how much you would like to give, and you can change or cancel your monthly donation anytime. Monthly giving reduced fundraising expenses while enabling Alberta Lung to plan for future emergencies, like they did for April.

If monthly giving isn’t right for you, please consider renewing your support with a generous donation. Your contribution stays here in Alberta, supporting families in their fight against lung disease.

Thank you again for sharing our commitment to helping children and their families breathe easier. I hope we can count on your continued support.

Yours sincerely,
April’s Mom