Being told you have lung cancer is devastating enough. But then it sinks in that while you fight to stay alive, you still have to put food on the table and pay for expensive medications.

Bruno faced this stark reality when he was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2020. The cancer was very aggressive and soon spread from his lungs to his bones. Radiation treatment began right away. Bruno spent his days moving from appointment to appointment, every day was a struggle. As a young father, he tried not to think about the conceivable end of his life. He just wanted to spend as much time as possible with his little boy and wife.

An extended battle with cancer often means you can’t work, have to pay for expensive medications, and feel vulnerable and uncertain about the future. These pressures cause severe stress and complicate the struggle to get healthy again.

Sadly, we see this situation play out too many times across Alberta. We know that patients receive the best care possible in our hospitals. However, treatment and therapy are only part of the long fight to beat cancer. The other part is ensuring that basic personal and family needs are met.

Donors who contribute to Alberta Lung play a vital role in helping Albertans with lung diseases like cancer get better again. Our Patient Support Fund was set up to support lung disease patients struggling financially to access medications, groceries, and equipment to help manage their lung condition during an incredibly difficult time.    

After his radiation treatments, Bruno underwent surgery to remove tumors from his chest, lungs, and bones. He has received a clean bill of health and has returned to work. However, he remains vigilant about his health and encourages everyone to visit their doctor at the first sign of a medical concern.

Bruno is very grateful for the generosity of donors like you and the support he and his family received from Alberta Lung.