The Cardinal family was overjoyed when Channing was born, especially his mother, Jaydean. However, almost immediately, critical health issues emerged. From the very beginning of his fragile life, Channing could not eat or breathe properly. This was especially alarming since his five-year-old sister, Oaklynn, was experiencing many of the same symptoms, including respiratory infections like pneumonia. Doctors were confused about the proper treatment for either child.

Channing and Oaklynn seemed to be suffering from a very perplexing lung disease that defied traditional interventions. Their constant illnesses led to frequent out-of-town hospital visits. These trips eventually took a severe financial toll on the family, making it difficult for Jaydean to focus on the health and recovery of her children.

It became clear that the Cardinal family would need ongoing support from Alberta Lung to survive this crisis. This included specialized breathing equipment, expensive medications, and help with other expenses. It was a long-term fight that required the faithful support of our donors.

Accessing additional care for Channing and Oaklynn was complex, lengthy, and expensive. However, support from Alberta Lung was steadfast, knowing that donors like you were standing with us. After much persistence and investigation, advanced genetic testing provided some crucial answers. Channing was diagnosed with Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) — a rare genetic mutation that affects the tiny hair-like cilia in the lungs, nose, and ears. It impairs the ability to remove germs, resulting in regular infections.

Oaklynn was eventually diagnosed with the same genetic disorder. Despite all the hardship over the years, this diagnosis proved to be a blessing in disguise. Finally, Mom knew what she was dealing with. The family relocated to Edmonton for better healthcare access to address this complicated lung disease.

Alberta Lung continues to help Channing and Oaklynn by funding the vital equipment they need to thrive outside of the hospital and providing financial support for specialized medications. The fight isn’t over, but it is being won.

That’s why I’m inviting you to continue your commitment to our cause today by joining our monthly giving program. Monthly giving offers many advantages. There is no long-term commitment. You choose the amount you want to give every month, and you can change or cancel your monthly contribution any time with a simple phone call. As a monthly donor, we promise to update you on the vital work you are supporting.

Thank you for letting me share this story with you and demonstrating our commitment to helping families keep their children alive and healthy. I hope we can count on your continued support.

Leigh Allard, President & CEO