Radon kills more Canadians per year than car accidents, carbon monoxide and house fires combined. Radon levels are rising due to climate change. 

How do I test for Radon?

Testing is easy and inexpensive using radon test kits. Radon levels in a home change over time. They can increase and decrease from one day to the next. For this reason, testing over a longer period of time is most accurate. Health Canada recommends homeowners do a long-term radon test (for at least three months) during the fall or winter. Place the detector in the lowest area of the home where you or a member your family spends on average four hours each day. Testing instructions are included in your test kit.

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When you are finished your screening:
A) Take note of the radon levels
B) Complete the anonymous digital survey below and provide your email address to be entered into a raffle for a free radon monitor. If you have any questions please contact our Health Promotions Department at healthpromotions@ablung.ca

Radon Screening Question Survey