Our Breathe Smart! Education Program talks about ‘all things lung’. We educate students on the most important and relevant lung diseases as well as the impact poor lung practices have on their health. This program has a focus on e-cigarettes and vaping, a growing and concerning trend among our youth.

This presentation would be greatly suited for Science 14/24 as well as science 10/20/30. Out of my 90 Biology 20 students, I do believe a lot of them will come in contact with smoking/vaping pressures, however, a majority of them are not the “smoking crowd”. I think they have changed and I think the presentation was GREAT!

– Jory Z, Teacher

I learned about the effects of air pollution on a global and local level. The facts surprised me.

– Damian, Grade 10 Student

Hands-on learning is by far, one of the most effective tools for learning. The fact that the kids get to see lungs (healthy and diseased), touch them and even observe how they inflate does way more for their learning than reading out of a textbook. The opportunity for this interactive presentation should not be missed.

– Patricia P, Science Teacher

Request a Breathe Smart Session

As e-cigarettes and vaping continue to be a growing and concerning trend among our youth, we understand the need for this program throughout schools in the province. If you would like to request a Breathe Smart session please complete the following information.

Learn about the Clean Air Challenge

To further enhance the impact of the Breathe Smart program and help solidify the behaviors and practices introduced, we are launching a contest for the students called the Clean Air Challenge. This initiative is designed to encourage them to apply what they’ve learned and create lasting behavior changes that will benefit them long-term. They can win prizes, support their community, and have a chance at your school becoming the Clean Air Champion of Alberta!

Go to cleanairchallenge.ca