Alberta Lung has been a leader in the fight for healthy lungs and air since the 1930s. Whether searching for treatments or cures to prevent or treat lung diseases, keeping kids free from tobacco and e-cigarettes, or fighting for laws that protect the air we all breathe, Alberta Lung continues its quest for better health.


Asthma is characterized as an inflammatory disease.


We were known as the Alberta Tuberculosis Society. For much of the 20th century, we played a critical role in funding weapons to prevent, detect and treat TB.


First public health vaccines produced.

Field of thoracic surgery developed.


Kinsmen began selling Christmas Seals to fund tuberculosis treatment and screening efforts


Incorporated as the Alberta Tuberculosis Association


Pulmonary damage caused by smoking identified.

Early diagnosis of TB found through chest x-rays.


First mobile chest x-ray unit in Alberta to provide free chest x-rays

Field of thoracic surgery developed.


We changed our name to the Alberta Lung Association. Tuberculosis (TB) rates had declined. Other lung diseases, especially those linked to cigarette smoking, were on the rise. We recognized the need to address the entire scope of respiratory diseases.


First successful trials of cyclosporine, an anti-rejection drug used in lung transplants.


Thanks to advances in research leading to fewer patients, dedicated TB hospitals were no longer necessary. Patients could be treated with new drugs at home or in hospitals.


First successful single lung transplant.


Discovery of the gene that causes cystic fibrosis.


Development of the draft sequence of the SARS virus.


We ended the membership agreement with the Canadian Lung Association. This allowed us to maximize our investments in much-needed support, education, and programs for lung patients and families in Alberta and across Canada.


Today, we are strong advocates for the protection of our children from the harmful effects of tobacco and vaping. We promote immunization, support families, and fund critical research. We continue our efforts to prevent lung disease and promote lung health, addressing new and emerging threats including COVID-19.