Dec 06


ROOM 2 BREATHE Campaign 

This Christmas, Alberta Lung is asking Albertans to raise $50,000 for our Room 2 Breathe Campaign to help Albertans breathe easier. The pandemic has tripled the demand for gap support, yet donations lag far behind previous years. Post-pandemic life has changed significantly for many people, particularly those without health benefits or paid sick leave. This primarily affects those with chronic illness, including the 1 in 5 Albertans with lung disease who struggle to breathe daily. Since the onset of Covid-19, the Alberta Lung has provided medication and grocery support for those with lung disease. Helping those who need temporary assistance while they wait for support programs, health benefits or resume jobs. The needs of folks in your very communities are numerous; some need groceries, medications, and masks, some need their walk shoveled, and some require a turkey meal. Nowhere does this matter more than at Christmas; families are already doing without suffering even more. We need your support to help.

Any amount helps:

Since 1939, Alberta Lung has been funding supports and services in Alberta, and all funds raised in Alberta; stay in Alberta.

For more information on our Room 2 Breathe Campaign or to donate, call 1-888-774-LUNG (5864) or visit the Room 2 Breathe Donation page