For people with certain lung diseases a lung transplant may be a last option for survival. Patients come from all over western Canada to the University of Alberta hospital for transplant and are required to stay with a caregiver near the centre for up to one year following transplant. Additional costs like accommodations and other basic living expenses are not covered by health care. This can be a significant financial burden to those already burdened by coping with their lung disease.

Alberta Lung provides much needed support for those undergoing transplant, including gift cards for accommodation, gas, parking and groceries to help take off some of that pressure. This support is funded entirely by individual donors who care about the health and security of those going through a transplant.

To support lung transplant patients and help ease their financial burden, and other programs like it, donate today.

If you are a pre or post lung transplant patient and would like to request support, including accommodations, please complete the form below to request assistance.

Due to funding constraints, only ONE application per household will be accepted.

“Alberta Lung has ease the lung transplant recovery process by providing financial assistance. I am thankful for the generosity and support offered.”