Dec 06

2022 Alberta Lung Christmas Campaign

2022 Alberta Lung Christmas Campaign


This Christmas Alberta Lung is asking Albertans to raise $500,000.00 to help Albertans breathe easier. Almost 900,000 Albertans live or sadly die, with lung and respiratory diseases every year. This year’s Christmas Campaign will fund world-class research, programs, and services to assist Albertans with lung diseases. 100% of the funds raised will stay in Alberta to work in communities for your family and friends.

“Our lungs, like our heart and brain, are not optional; they must work for us to live,” explained Leigh Allard, CEO of Alberta Lung. ‘Some people inherit lung conditions, some acquire them from working and living, and some are exposed to viruses and infections that cause serious, and sometimes life-threatening, conditions.

20% of our province’s population lives with the challenges of lung and respiratory diseases every year. 85,000 Alberta children under 14 have Asthma, and every 15 minutes an Albertan enters an ER with an asthma attack,” Allard adds. “Thousands of Albertans will die this year from lung diseases and cancers. Our annual Christmas campaign is key in raising the funds necessary to support the work of Alberta Lung.”

Allard added, “For the first time Alberta Lung is using decals instead of seals. Albertans should watch their mail for their Christmas package, featuring a blue wreath on a square envelope. And, then use those decals on their Christmas cards to spread the joy of saving and improving lives.”

“Not all campaigns conducted in Alberta, directly benefit Albertans and many campaigns look similar,” Allard clarified. “To ensure your donations support the lung health of your family, friends, and communities, donate to the Alberta Lung Christmas Campaign, with 100% of donations dedicated to services and programs for Albertans and research conducted in Alberta.”

Alberta Lung has long been at the forefront of advancements that save lives and improve living for Albertans with lung health challenges. The fundraising campaign is critical in supporting those advancements and new initiatives like Breathing Space, one of the key initiatives being undertaken by Alberta Lung. It will be the first facility of its kind in Canada, to provide a temporary home away from home for lung transplant patients and their families. The University of Alberta’s lung transplant program does the second most transplants in Canada, serving Alberta and Western Canada.

Allard concluded, “We want everyone to know that when you can’t breathe, absolutely nothing else matters.

Since 1939, Alberta Lung has been funding supports and services in Alberta, and all funds raised in Alberta; stay in Alberta.

For more information on our Christmas Campaign or to donate, call 1-888-774-LUNG (5864)